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The Daily Blink

The official Tumblr blog of the webcomic dedicated to World of Warcraft

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Apr 12 '13

The Daily Blink - The Next Phase of WoW Bots

Seriously, check out Tom’s work. I made this strip because of how hard I geeked out over how a system so simple can be made to perform a task so seemingly complex as playing Super Mario Bros. -Chris

Mar 22 '13
Mar 18 '13
Mar 4 '13
Feb 25 '13
Feb 22 '13
Feb 18 '13
Feb 14 '13

And now, you have blank templates to make your very own WoW Trivial Pursuit cards. Knock yourselves out, and shout if you have any you want to share!

Feb 4 '13
Jan 30 '13